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Online Solo Performance

Online Solo Performance

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  During the pandemic I finally got around to setting up my attic semi-professionally to broadcast concerts live.  I use a professional recording microphone and camera, and software in my computer so that the recording is superior to just using one's built-in laptop or computer microphone and camera.  I also use a direct ethernet wire from my modem so that the internet signal is stronger and more consistent than going through wifi. 

I can record a pre-recorded concert, or one that is streamed live-- in the case of live I can include an online live chat at the end with questions and comments.  

BEFORE PURCHASING PLEASE MESSAGE ME at with "online solo performance" in the subject heading, and please include the following information (the price I put in the AV Store for this item is just approximate-- depending on your responses to the variables below the price I will actually quote you could be quite a lot lower or higher):

1. The general purpose of the performance (birthday present, special event, etc)
2. The proposed date and time of the airing of the show-- please have a look at my calendar on my website in case I am already booked for your date
3.  Desired time length of your show 
4.  If you want your show pre-recorded, or broadcast live in real time
5. If broadcast live: if you want there to be a meet and greet/ online chat afterward- and if so, for how long
6. The size of your audience, both during and after the fact-- including if you will be posting it publicly or not
7. If there are specific songs you want me to play, or if the set list is entirely up to me

Based on your answers to the above I will have a much better idea as to what to quote you for a price. 


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