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"Music Always" Digital Download & Single Artwork-- the 2nd single by AV & the Inner City

"Music Always" Digital Download & Single Artwork-- the 2nd single by AV & the Inner City

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You have the option of choosing this download in WAV or mp3 format.  Both formats also include a download of the single artwork, which you can only get here, at the AV Store.

About "Music Always":

A song that celebrates music, "Music Always" is a sunny and cheerful anthem about the power of music to transcend the limitations of language. With the ability to convey meaning that surpasses mere words, the song honours the way music and melody can be understood by anyone, regardless of language, and highlights the irony of how the spoken word often pales in comparison. 

Fun and lighthearted, "Music Always" features AV's signature blues-infused, soaring vocals, as well as stunning group harmonies and a playful 90's-style rap that showcases each Inner City vocalist (and even throws in a nod to Canadian poet/songwriter icon Leonard Cohen-- which just might be the first time Cohen has been mentioned in a rap...?). 

As the song blossoms from its simple opening into a full-bodied, RnB ode to music, the lyrics playfully describe the feelings that are best communicated through music, with an intended wink to the irony that the words themselves are an awkward failed attempt at saying what music can evoke and communicate so succinctly. Artfully conveying its message through the medium it celebrates, the lively, spirited tune is musically easy to follow, and features an anthemic chorus that inherently invites listeners to sing and clap along. 

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