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Everybody Matters Vinyl w/ Digital Downloads and Bonus Material, Sold Off the Stage and Here Only

Everybody Matters Vinyl w/ Digital Downloads and Bonus Material, Sold Off the Stage and Here Only

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Would you like to receive your Bonus Audio Material in the WAV or mp3 format?


Upon purchasing this item you will immediately receive the following EXCLUSIVE BONUS MATERIAL, which will automatically be sent to you as an attachment as soon as you complete your purchase. 


--WAV or mp3 files (your choice) of all the songs that appear on the vinyl album you will be receiving 

--9 EXTRA songs and versions of songs that do NOT appear on the vinyl album

--the album artwork of the digipak (CD version) of the album (4 panels)

--a digital version of the 2-sided poster that comes as an insert inside the digipak CD version of the album

--the album artwork from the singles from the album that have been released individually from the album (to date this amounts to 4 songs-- but at least 2 more will be added before the vinyl is ready and sent out, and they will be automatically sent to you when it is released)


The gatefold (4 panel album) will be shipped to you immediately upon ordering. Your order will serve as a receipt/proof that you have paid this money and will receive the vinyl album. 

VERY IMPORTANT: The SHIPPING DETAILS you fill out when completing this order is the exact address to which you would like the vinyl shipped.

WE HAVE PRESSED 500 COPIES, so we will sell off the copies in a "first come, first served" manner-- the vinyl will be a "Limited Edition Pressing"; meaning only the 1st 500 customers will receive a copy.  If we do choose to press more vinyl after that we will change some aspects of the vinyl and artwork look, and perhaps some of the music, to differentiate the 2nd pressing from the 1st-- meaning that only 500 copies of this 1st version will ever exist, and you will have a 1st pressing limited edition copy.

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